Service Test 11.20 upgrade benefits

by Jeff Fillegar on September 3, 2011

ST 11.20 Pros:

 1)      Existing Custom Activities are working after automatic script upgrade

2)      Custom Assembly working as expected

  1. Was able to import assembly into activity

 3)      UI performance appears to be better

  1. Loading application is faster
  2. Loading DataTables (excel) is faster
  3. Loading activities properties windows is faster
  4. General navigation around the UI doesn’t cause ST to freeze as often as it does in 11.10
  5. Execution (run mode) is faster

 4)      Supports .NET 4.0

  1. All ST installs need to be upgraded to .net 4.0 framework
  2. Upgrade to VS 2010
  3. Better XML and Xpath Classes for custom activity development
  4. Better ADO.Net classes
  5. Enhanced access to office COM objects

5)      Activity Wizard

  1. Allows users to create their own Custom Activities without writing code
  2. Basic functionality
  3. Creates shell VS project for you
  4. Customize after wizard is finished

 6)      Asynchronous Support

  1. Dual WSDL support – when request and response have different WSDL patterns

 7)      Defects reported that are fixed in 11.20

  1. ReportMessage activity now is working as expected.


ST 11.20 Cons:

1)      No DataTable object improvements

2)      No improvement or enhancements to ST API

 3)      All workstations would have to perform a clean uninstall / install of:

  1. ST 11.20 (all users)
  2. Visual Studio 2010
  3. SVN update to support VS 2010

4)      Activity Sharing

  1. Requires QC 10.0 patch 24 or higher
  2. Documentation states is only available to Service Activities, not Custom Activities


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